Donations and Sponsorships

Giving Back

Since 2010, Geez Louise Boutique has supported local charitable organizations and other worthy causes in addition to donations to area schools, athletics and churches.

Donation Request Requirements

The following requirements must be met in requesting a donation from Geez Louise Boutique: The organization and beneficiary must be within the vicinity of a Mobile/Gulf Shores or general market area.

  • Donations including Silent Auction Items & gift certificates: Requests must be made a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance of the event
  • Event Sponsorship: Requests must be made a minimum of eight (8) weeks in advance of the event

For events requesting sponsorships or donation items such as Gift Certificates, silent auction products or coupons we unfortunately are not able to donate in the following situations:

  • Individual's efforts to raise funds by participating in a non-profit event (run, bike race, etc.)
  • Events sponsored by a competitor
  • Events where our product will be resold
  • Contests or pageants
  • Organizations that do not have a current tax-exempt status under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • When donation/sponsorship requests have exceeded budgeted allocations.

How To Apply

Please review our donations requirements. If you meet the requirements, please fill out our donation request form online or written and submit for review. Organizations may complete a request through the form online. Please fill out the form completely online including the CAPTCHA and you will recieve.

Terms & Conditions

Superb Foods is the management company of Geez Louise Boutique, the Original Oyster House Restaurants, OOH Trading Company and Joe & Dave's Sauces and Seasonings. The Superb Foods office is located at 8330 Nichols Avenue Ext., Fairhope, AL, with office hours from 8 am - 4 pm., Mon. thru Fri. 251-928-2620.

Superb Foods has a policy to reply to all donation requests by e-mail. If Superb Foods is not able to fulfill your request: you will receive an e-mail to that effect within 4 weeks of receiving your request. If Superb Foods is able to fulfill your request you will receive a phone call or e-mail to coordinate the donation within 4 weeks of receiving your request. Superb Foods reserves the right to require that the organization displays a “Compliments of Geez Louise” or similar sign (at minimum) with the product donation. Superb Foods reserves the right to specify how the product is to be displayed and handled at the event/donation. All decisions regarding donation requests are the sole discretion of Superb Foods and all decisions are final.